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The many-year laboratory practice and the series of microbiological and organoleptic researches carried out by our technologists are in the very base of this product creation – “TASTY PAUSE”. What we do give first priority to is the successful adaptation of established European technologies in this sphere in order to provide you and your family with high quality, nourishing and healthy food that corresponds to the traditional Bulgarian taste. In this connection, when making the dishes we use frozen raw materials – potatoes, peas, vegetable mix, spinach, hotchpotch, cooled meat and chopped meat and we do our best to keep to maximum extent their organoleptic characteristics. Thermal treatment is made into a steam convection machine, which allows for the dish to be prepared with minimum quantity of water and oil. Typical for this type of technology is that no preliminary treatment is given to the products, such as frying, which keeps the vitamins and minerals in the ready dishes. This is of extreme importance for having wholesome nourishing, because vitamins play an irreplaceable role with nutritious substances absorption by the human body. Packing of ready dishes is made into ĚŔĐ – environment. When using this method the product storage term is prolonged up to 15-30 days, at constant temperature of 0 – 5°C. Packing by means of controlled and modified gas environment aims at keeping the quality of the products, along with neutralization of microorganisms and enhancing the durability of dishes. The dish so prepared is placed into a cardboard packing. Each cardboard packing contains the dispensable cutlery necessary for consummation. Cutlery packing is conformed to the sanitary – hygiene requirements of the manufacturer.
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